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Updates to the Sift Science Console

Greetings from Sift!

We are launching a host of enhancements to your Sift Console. Please read through the note below and contact us if you have any questions!


Review now organized by the Sift products you use

If you are signed up for multiple Sift products, your queues will now be clearly segmented by the product they belong to. This makes it easy to find the queue you’re looking for!



Current                                                            New                     

Also, when you navigate to Review mode, you’ll now be presented queues for the Sift product you are browsing in. Of course, you can pick up any queue to start working on.


Review mode will always be based on the review queue you are working on

Now, if you’re working on a payment abuse queue, the product toggle will not move you to review page for a different abuse type. You'll always see the right review page for the queue you're working in!


Abuse Signals card will focus on the signals

 To make more efficient use of screen space, we are removing the score from the abuse signals card. The score will be available at the top of your review (and user details) page.


For_Marketing_-_Payment_Abuse_Queue_OLD.png         For_Marketing_-_Payment_Abuse_Queue_NEW.png

Current                                                               New      


Apply Decisions from the Orders card

Now you can quickly apply Decisions right from the Orders card. You can set up new Decisions in the Automate section.




Create Workflow policies based on text content

Now you can create Workflow policies by defining words or phrases you want to filter on.



Decisions will be limited to the product you are navigating in

To reduce the number of decisions that show up, we will now limit the decisions shown in Explore more to just the ones applicable to the Sift product you are in. For example, if you're currently in Payment Abuse, you will only see Payment Abuse Decisions in the Decision dropdown.

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