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FAQs for the Business Metrics Beta


* How do I get access to the Beta? 

Talk to your account manager to request Private Access to the Beta. We will be enabling the Reporting Beta for more customers in February and March 2018. 


* What are Business Insights?

These reports are the first set of Sift Insight reports, they focus on high level business outcomes and stats to help you understand how many users and orders are coming to your business, and what actions your fraud team is taking on those users and orders. 


* What do these reports cover? 

We are currently only enabling reporting for customers that purchased Payment Abuse or Account Abuse. For Payment Abuse customers, you will see data on orders, transactions, and chargebacks, as well as data on all Decisions and Labels. For Account Abuse customers, you will see data on accounts created, as well as data on all Decisions and Labels. 


* Should I rely on these reports while they are in Beta? 

We believe that the reports should be directionally correct, but during the beta the logic is subject to change based on bugs we discover or new feedback. Your account manager will notify you when we make changes to logic that affect you. in the meantime, do not rely on these reports until they are more stable. If there are any results that are unexpected and indicate there is a problem you might need to address, contact support first so that we can help verify the logic of that report so you can better assess if the result is correct/whether it is worth following up on. 


* What should I do if my reports appear incorrect? 

During the Beta period we expect that reports will not be correct for everyone, based on details of your specific business or integration. Please let support know when you have found something that looks incorrect so we can work with you and help figure out the logic that should be used for businesses or integrations like yours. 


* What should I do if I found something confusing? 

We would love to hear any and all feedback you have about these reports. You can contact support with any questions, and they will address feedback and forward it on to and


* Which console users can view Insights?

Currently these reports are only visible to members of your team that are listed as Admins in the Sift Science Console. If these permission levels are insufficient or if you would like to revoke or grant access to more users, you can update the Admin settings for your team members, or talk to support to have Sift Insights turned off for your company. 


* What's coming next? 

While we gather feedback from Beta participants and work through bugs, we will will also be working on improving the performance of these reports, adding charts to each report, and adding a dashboard summary for quick insights across all reports. 


* Can I change the Timezone of the Reports from UTC? 

In the current beta, all data is in UTC. This is different from the data in the rest of the console. All logs, and user data in the rest of the console is localized to the time zone your computer is currently in. We will release a feature soon so that all of your team can look at reports in the same timezone. 


* Can I change the Currency of the Reports from USD? 

In the current beta, all order data is converted to USD, as of the end of day exchange rate of the day the order was placed. We will release support for more currencies soon so that your team can look at reports in your desired currency. 


* If a user has both a Label and a Decision, how are they recorded in Insights? 

Unfortunately, the difference between a Label and a Decision is a bit confusing. Users can have both a Label and a Decision, and oftentimes, a Label will be applied automatically behind the scenes when you make a Decision. In Insights, we only count users as one status or the other, and we will only count a user as labeled if they were labeled directly (e.g. if a label was applied automatically by Sift due to a Decision, this label will not show in Insights). For users that were both Labeled and Decisioned directly, we will count the action that occurred last as their current status. 





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