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Review Queues

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Review Queues are a way to hold users and orders you are unsure about so they can be manually reviewed by your analysts. Review Queues are an efficient way to manage your manual review process as they are completely customizable giving you both scalability and flexibility.

When analysts look at Review Queues, all the information they need to make a Decision is available to them. After a Decision is taken, the queue advances and the next item is ready to be reviewed.

Using Review Queues

Prioritizing Reviews

By default, Queue items are prioritized by the time remaining in the queue. Your admin can change this in the Workflow configuration for that queue, to choose to additionally prioritize queue items either by Order Amount, Sift Score, or a combination of the two. 


This queue is prioritized to review high users with high sift scores first, then review high order amounts

Note: If you prioritize a queue by Sift Score, we will prioritize by the score of the user when they were queued, if the user has more activity that changes their score, the priority of the queue item will not automatically update. 

Creating a Queue

Review Queues are configured in Workflows by admins. This is where you set what event users are reviewed at, what Decisions are available in each Queue, and which types of users should be routed to each queue. 

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