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Improving Efficiency with Decisions and Workflows

Label buttons have been renamed and moved under a new button named "Make a Decision". We’re making this change as part of broader rollout of new features included with the Workflows platform. 

 Key Changes:

  • Label buttons replaced by default Decision Buttons (more information on specifics below)
  • Lists Tab has been renamed to Explore
  • Review Tab introduced as part of the Workflows platform
  • Non admins can now view Automate Tab, (although they cannot make edits)


Decision Button Details

What this new button is replacing is Label buttons. You’ll be familiar with Labels buttons (the red and blue buttons) that appear on the right hand side both when viewing lists of users and when looked at the specific user’s details. Here’s an example:


When we switch, you’ll notice a new blue Decision button as the new way that you indicate to Sift whether a user is good or bad. The only real difference is you’ll have to click the blue “Make a Decision” button and then select whether “ Looks Bad” or “Looks Ok”. That’s it. Just as before, we’ll take this feedback and will better detect bad users for you. Here’s an example:


The only other difference is when you are reviewing users or orders in Sift Science Lists. You now have to expand the user in a List before you take any action on them. To do this, click on the user you want to investigate, and the “Make a Decision” will appear when the user is expanded in the list. Here’s an example:


After you “Make a Decision”, we’ll show what labels have been applied to the user in the List view as well as the user details page. Here’s an example of what it looks like in List view:


 If you have any questions about the above, don’t hesitate to email us at

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