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Cards FAQ

How do I enable or disable Cards?

Find out here.

How do I add a card? 

First click “Edit Layout” near the top-right of the console:


From there, select “Add Card” and click “Save” when you’re done:


How do I remove a card?

Just as with adding a new card, go to “Edit Layout” near the top-right of the console. Then, when the cards are wiggling, simply x-out whichever cards you’d like to remove:


How do I move a card?

Return to “Edit Layout” so the cards begin to wiggle. Then, move your cursor over the solid-color card header before clicking and dragging the card wherever you’d like:


Similar to moving apps around on your smartphone, drag the card on top of other cards to make them move around into the configuration you prefer.

What happened to the feature weights? 

The feature weights have been replaced by icons that indicate how strong of an indicator each signal is for fraud. There are five possible states -- red for Extremely Risky, orange for Very Risky, yellow for Risky, green for Strongly Reduces Risk and blank, if the signal has not yet been associated with a probability of fraud.


Where did the Network visualization go?

The Network visualization is still accessible by clicking “Network” next to the “Overview” section of the console:


Where did the Activity Log go?

The Activity log is available via a separate tab (not a card!) that is accessible via a tab to the right of the Network tab.

What cards are available?

- The Sift Score, shows the Sift Score and reasons (good and bad) contributing toward a user’s score. If you want to see more features, click “show more” at the bottom of the card. (link to other page) 

- Custom Attributes is a customizable card that allows you to select up to 15 attributes to show as a summary. (Link to other page)

- Orders shows all of the user’s recent orders. Click “view more” to see more orders (if applicable). 

Promos shows all of the user's promotions used during checkout. Click “view more” to see more promos (if applicable). 

- Identity summarizes all the different names, emails, and phone numbers we’ve seen for a user. 

- Social Media, which includes links to a user’s social media profile, if found. This search is done by email. If no corresponding accounts are found, links to searches based on name are included instead.

- Billing and Shipping, which shows all the billing and shipping addresses associated with the user -- and maps them!

- IP Locations shows all IP addresses and their corresponding geolocations. 

How can I request new cards?

Please fill out our support form here:

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