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Understanding Lists

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What Are Lists?

Lists are Saved Searches that you can use to prioritize your manual reviews and streamline your workflow. They also can be used as Formulas if you find them effective and want to automate your fraud management.

When you log in to the Console, you will be taken directly to your Lists. The name of the List you are currently in will be highlighted in blue. Within each List, you will see its criteria as well as analytics.

If you're using our old, sections layout of the console, find out how to switch to our new view here.

How to Create a New List

You can create a new List by clicking the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

This will open up the List editor which will let you define your List entity (Users or Orders) as well as List criteria:

  1. List name -- Click here to edit the name. You can also use the down arrow to rename or delete the List.
  2. Entity -- Selects the base for your List. Can either be Users or Orders.
  3. Criteria -- Add new/edit existing criteria here to filter your List
  4. Action Buttons -- Save your List or Discard Changes
  5. Time period -- Filter your List to a specific time period
  6. Sort by -- Choose to filter by either Sift Score or Time of Last Activity. The buttons to the right let you select either Ascending or Descending.

After selecting your entity, criteria, and other filters, click "Create List" to save.

See our article on Using the Criteria Builder for information on how to define your filters.

How to Edit a List

To edit a List, select it from the top of your page and click the blue "Edit" button:

Edit your List as needed and click "Save Changes" when you're done.



Mini Lists

When you click on a User or Order in one of your Lists, you’ll see the other Users and Orders show up in a Mini-List so you can navigate to them directly. You can also use the left and right arrows to navigate through all users in the List.

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