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Shopify Plugin

Installation guide

What Sift’s Shopify plugin supports:

    • Data around the orders and transactions your users have, as well as their browsing of your website.
    • Sift console access
    • Sift’s Shopify app does not allow for automation, sending custom events, or anything beyond the two points above.

I’m in my Shopify account and I’ve installed the Sift plugin -- where do I see it?

    • In your order page: orders with high Sift scores will be marked
    • When viewing a specific order: there will be a bullet point for Sift in the “Risk Analysis” box on the right
    • Apps dropdown, which gives link to Sift console: at the top right of screen there is an icon with three dots –- this is the “Apps” dropdown. Click to “view analysis by Sift Science” for access to Sift’s console, where you’ll find insights as to why an order has a particular Sift score.

More Information

Tips for getting the most out of your integration.

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