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Understanding the Activity Section

The Activity section shows you a user's entire history on your site. Here you can see all the API and page activity events we've received as well as the User's Score history. We also provide alerts that call out changes to a user that may be indicative of fraud. (e.g., New last 4 digits of card, new IP address, etc.)

Below is a detailed breakdown of the section:

1. Event Filter -- Allows you to select which events you would like to view. Check all that apply:

2. Expand/Collapse All -- By default, all events are collapsed to give you a holistic timeline. You can expand to see the fields sent in each event, or what pages a user has navigated through

3. Latest Activity Mark -- Notes the last time we've seen the User

4. Session time -- The section is divided into "user sessions." Each session is demarcated by a gray bar with the date, time, and length of the session

5. Page Views -- The page views we've received on a user from our JavaScript Snippet. Expand to see the exact pages:

6. Score History -- Shows the user's Sift Score at the time of different events

7. API Event -- Any event we've received through our API. Expand to see the different fields (custom fields are noted):

8. Calendar -- An alternative calendar-view providing day-to-day summaries of the events outline in the timeline. Hover cursor over any date to see a snapshot of this user's activity for the day, including peak score, the number and types of different events, and any alerts.

9. Alert -- indicates a change for the user that we believe may be risky (e.g., New IP address, new last 4 digits for a card, etc.)

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