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How do you compare to other fraud and machine learning solutions?

Rules-based Solutions

Traditional fraud solutions rely on rules-based systems to catch fraudulent behavior. Sift Science, on the other hand, relies on machine learning to detect fraud. Machine learning allows you to catch more fraud more quickly and more accurately, allowing you to streamline manual review.

Machine Learning Solutions 

Machine learning is our core competency. Our model learns in real-time and updates instantly. Other models can take up to 3 months to update, and by then fraudsters may have changed their patterns several times. We also take business-specific logic (e.g., shoe size, referral codes, etc.) into account through custom fields and events. This means far greater accuracy.

Sift's global network of data also means you have world class machine learning at your fingertips from day one while your custom model gets trained. Out of the box, you benefit from the numerous fraudulent devices, IPs, and patterns we've seen across our customer base so that you don't have to experience fraud to know what fraud looks like.

If you'd like to learn more about what sets Sift apart, feel free to contact our Sales team.

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