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I am a Shopify store. How can I make the most out of Sift?

Here's how our Shopify customers get the best experience out of Sift Science:

  1. Log in to the Sift Science console through the Shopify app.

  2. Open another tab to display the Shopify order queue. You can review Sift scores in the "Risk Assessment" box. Check your Shopify settings for payment capture and order fulfillment to make sure you're not automatically accepting orders that are high risk but instead manually approving orders.

  3. Our plugin will automatically pull your historical data into your account over the first couple of days. Once this is done, mark any orders for which you've received chargebacks as "Looks Bad" in Sift. You can search for these users by order id or user id in the Search bar on the left side of the console. You can also search for them in the Search tool. 

    Marking orders as "Looks Bad" teaches Sift about your fraud and is vital to making Sift work for you. Remember to label any orders you cancel for fraud reasons as "Looks Bad" in Sift. Do not label "Looks Bad" for a non-fraud cancel, such as an item is out of stock.

  4. Set up email notifications in the Sift console to alert you when Sift sees a high risk order throughout the day.


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